Ashley Greene Could be Seeing a Mystery Man

June 29th, 2010 Written by Tanya Mayer

It’s a sad day for Ashley Greene fans as news comes in about rumors that she was spotted enjoying a passionate kiss with a mystery man in Los Angeles. Right now Ashley Greene is best known for her role as Alice Cullen in the Twilight Saga movies.

Reports go on to say that Ashley Greene was dressed in some tight jeans and a vest top. She had messy long sun-streaked hair. The reports said that she looked very relaxed in her friend’s company. Miss Greene, age 24, had just recently revealed that she shot down her first chance of romance, as she beat up her crush when she was a child.

On this topic Greene said that she had to spar with the boys, because she beat the girls up. This guy that she had a crush on was called Spitfire. She gave him a bloody nose and lip, and needless to say, the romance did not work out.

Well that is odd, most guys like to be beat up by their girls, right? Ever since then Miss Greene has not really been linked to many guys in Hollywood. In fact, she said that she was focusing on her work a lot and really did not have time for a man in her life. Apparently things have changed since then.

However, for now, these are just rumors. It is not yet known just how passionate of a kiss it was, or if it was just a kiss between friends. It is quite possible that Miss Greene was out with an old friend that she feels very comfortable with. Only time will tell if these rumors or false or not.