Robert Pattinson Now Said to be Dating Lucie Jones

December 24th, 2009 Written by Gareth Phillips

If there is one question that people still do not know the answer to, it’s who is Robert Pattinson dating? Well apparently there has been some new breaking news on this matter. Reports now suggest that Twilight Saga superstar Robert Pattinson is currently getting close to X Factor’s Lucie Jones. This news surfaced after reports said that Robert asked Lucie out on a date.

This news, if the sources are correct, shocked the world as many people truly believed that he was in a relationship with Kristen Stewart despite the couple denying it. Many people were under the impression that the two were simply trying to keep it hush, hush.

Lucie Jones has been able to put the Kristen Stewart rumors to rest by saying that she is the leading lady in Pattinson’s life, and not Kirsten. Apparently Lucie went on to say in an interview that his sister got in touch with her and asked if she wanted to come to dinner after the New Moon premiere.

Of course Lucie Jones did go on to say that, at first, she did turn Robert down. She said that unfortunately she had to switch on the Christmas lights in Warrington on that same day. Thus, she had to miss out on the opportunity. Despite this, the teenage singer did remain confident that they would be able to rearrange their plans.

She went on to say that they are still in touch, and they are going out to dinner or something next week. Lucie said that Robert is her dream man and that Kristen Stewart better watch out, because she gunning for him.