Katy Perry Shuts Down Robert Pattinson Dating Rumors

December 22nd, 2009 Written by Robert Vaughan

When most people think of Robert Pattinson, they think of all the dating rumors between him and his co star Kristen Stewart. However, new dating rumors are popping up everywhere. Of course, unlike the dating rumors between Robert and Kristen, these dating rumors did not last very long.

Apparently, rumors were just recently started about Katy Perry, the famous pop singer, and Robert Pattinson. Reports show that the two were spotted in a car together after having hung out at a karaoke bar. The two were reportedly celebrating the birthday of a mutual friend.

As many people already know, anytime Pattinson is seen out with anyone rumors start to swirl around the internet. However, as soon as these two were seen together rumors took off very quickly. People wanted to know if they were dating, if Perry broke up with Russel Brand, and so on.

These rumors died off just about as fast as they got started when Perry clarified the situation over the weekend by way of Twitter. They were together for 25-year-old actress Shannon Woodward’s birthday party, and it’s the second time Perry and Pattinson have been in the same room for her birthday. Perry went on yo say that she read a bunch of news the other day, and people should know by now that she does not date vampires.

As of right now, Perry is currently in the UK with Brand, and she just recently completed work on her second album. This album is suppose to be unleashed some time in the first half of 2010.