Ashley Greene From Twilight Talks Dating

September 28th, 2009 Written by John Herald

Apparently becoming a vampire for the hit film “Twilight” is not easy on the dating life. Well at least this is what Ashley Greene has now come out and said in an interview. The well known “Twilight” star, who is currently not in any kind of relationship, said that she admits that she is not looking forward to having to boyfriend that can handle the spotlight.

Ashley went on to say that it blows her away that so many people care who she has lunch with now. She said that if she was in a relationship with someone, then she would be upset when reports made speculations of her and someone else, because her love at the time would have to read about it. This is not something that is easy to deal with in a relationship, and this goes double when photographers are able to get pictures of people that make it look as if something “more” is going on.

Miss Greene said that she is lucky to be one of the few people to not have gone through that just yet, because she is not in a relationship. However, she said that she is sure that she will totally hate it when it does come about.

Another thing that Ashley Greene is worry about is her fans hating on her future man. She noted that normally fans embrace everything their heroes do, but you never know with something like this. She would hate for fans to make her future man’s life a hard time just because he’s dating her.