Denise Richards No Longer Dating Nikki Sixx

January 11th, 2011 Written by Helen Hughes

In Hollywood, there are very few relationships that can stand the test of time. Despite this fact, most relationships normally work out a little bit longer than the relationship between Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx. These two just started dating no too long ago, and it is already over.

This actress, who has two daughters with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, had begun dating the Motely Crue bassist late last year. Friends of the couple have said that the two have decided to call it quits on their very brief romance and insist that it was never serious between them.

One source even said that it was crazy how it was made to be some big relationship, and now it is being made into some big break up. These two were never exclusive or serious to start with. The pal said that he could count on one hand how many times they went out together. It was no big deal, and it is not some big dramatic split.

When these two first meet, friends of the couple said that they were going to take things slow. Before they started dating, Denise said that it is hard being single. She finds it hard to combine the needs of her children with her personal life.

Denise said that dating is very challenging. She said that she will not introduce her kids to anyone that she is dating unless it is very serious. To balance everything out, her daughters always come first. After all, she said that she can never get these years back with her daughters, and she wants to live them to the fullest.