Police let Joanna Yeates landlord out on bail

January 3rd, 2011 Written by Robert Vaughan

The landlord of murdered architect Joanna Yeates has been let out on bail after being held by authorities for nearly two days.

Police questioned Chris Jefferies, 65, who is currently the prime suspect in the ongoing murder investigation, for nearly two days. A judge had extended the detectives request to keep Jefferies in custody until Sunday morning, however, police released him at 1opm Saturday night.

Jefferies has remained in custody since officers arrested him on Thursday at his Bristol flat at the same building where Joanna shared a residence with her boyfriend.

So far, Jefferies has been the only person of interest identified in the case, and marks the sole arrest made during the enquiry. Police said, however, that despite Jefferies release the case is still ongoing and authorities are searching for any leads available.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones said that the investigation into the 25-year old’s murder was still open and that over 70 offices comprised a task force working on leads.

DCI Jones also said that the incident room had been flooded with public callers providing the police with information surrounding the case. He added that officers are working to trace down any and all leads that have been deemed as pertinent to the investigation.

Detectives have particularly been keen to locate anyone that may have been on Longwood Lane in Bristol on either 17 December, when Joanna went missing, or Christmas Day, when her body was discovered.