Dad in Germany Castrates 57-year-old for Dating his 17-year-old Daughter

December 14th, 2010 Written by Samuel Bray

Let’s face it…there are just some dads in the world that people simply do not want to upset. This just so happens to be the case for a 47-year-old dad that lives in Germany. Apparently this dad became very angry when he found out that his daughter was dating an older man.

Of course, the dad did have a little bit of a reason to be upset. Apparently the older man who the 17-year-old daughter was dating was older than he was. Reports show that she was dating a 57-year-old, which puts a big gap in years for the couple.

Despite the fact that the dad was upset, police are not forgiving him for the hate act that he preformed on the 57-year-old man. Apparently the dad went to the older man’s house and castrated him with a bread knife. After this, the older man is pretty sure to think twice before he messes around with someone’s young daughter.

The father later told police that it was his duty as a father to do this. The man, who was originally from Russia, plead guilty to attacking the older man. Apparently the father was able to perform this hate act with the help of two of his co-workers. Police said that the older man was forced to remove his pants, and while he was fully conscious, they castrated him. The severed testicles were taken away by the perpetrators.

Although the father was caught, he was not so quick to give up the “friends” that helped him. Apparently he believes in loyalty and would not give them up since they helped him. The father will be going to trial next year.