Christina Aguilera Now Believed to be Dating Twins

December 6th, 2010 Written by John Herald

Recently, reports now suggest that Christina Aguilera is having a hard time choosing between Samantha Ronson and ex-husband Jordan Bratman. So instead, she has been dating identical twins.

One report said that, as far as they know, she has officially divorced from Bratman as they both believe that they cannot fix their marriage. She has been seen with Samantha Bronson, but she has been telling people that they are just friends. Christina said that her and Samantha just talk and kiss a lot. She went on to say that, of course, she goes and sees her. When they are together they can talk for hours, and she needs someone to listen to her…and to kiss her.

The fact that Christina is making out with a girl is apparently old news to most people. In fact, the latest news is that she is now dating the Bridges twins, who starred in Ragtime Anytime and King’s Medley of Horrors. Both of these movies were flops.

Of course, before people start yelling that there are some freaky threesomes going on, Christina apparently told people that it is nothing like that. Apparently she said that she would date one of them one night and the other the next night. She has also been reported as saying that all her and Candy Bridges do is talk and hit parties together. They kiss a lot, but nothing more. On the other hand, Randy Bridges and Christina are a lot closer.

So what’s really going on with Christina? Well right now it is hard to tell. One thing is for sure, she has split from her husband and she is back on the market. However, who she is seeing while on the market leaves a lot to the imagination.