Reports Show That Joe Jonas is Crazy About Ashley Greene

October 4th, 2010 Written by Robert Vaughan

Reports are now showing that Joe Jonas is just crazy about Ashley Greene right now. Of course, who could blame him. Right now Ashley Greene is one of the most talked about Hollywood actresses, well known for her role in the hit movie series Twilight.

However, Joe Joans is working very hard at trying to keep his relationship with Ashley on the down low. Sources say that the two have been a couple now for a few months. Despite not a lot of rumors being started about these two, it appears that their relationship is still going pretty strong. However, not much is known about the two as a couple.

One source did say that Joe is just head over heels for Ashley. He thinks she is down to earth and just absolutely beautiful. He has not been this into a girl in a very long time.

So just how deep has this relationship gotten? Well apparently Greene just took Joe to meet her parents recently. This is normally a pretty big step in a relationship. They were also just recently spotted holding hands at Walgreens last week. Well maybe the last announcement there was not so big, but it does help to confirm that they are a couple.

Another source said that the two are trying to spend as much time together as possible. However, it is hard for them to find breaks in their schedules. Both of them, being very much in demand right now, are finding it hard to get some time off. Of course, reps for both of them had no comments to make on the relationship.