January 25th, 2010 Written by admin

I was asked recently by a friend (with benefits) if I would go with him to a swingers club. Now, I didn’t say yes but I didn’t say no either. It was a very decisive, ‘get the tickets first and then we shall see’.

The idea of random sex is rather appealing in a theoretical kind of way. I am not sure I could actually go through with it though, for a few reasons.

A different kind of swinging.

Being discreet and private is not the aim of these types of places. The point is people want to watch and taste and feel. So if you do decide to actually engage in activities with someone, the whole club can and may be watching. I am aware that some places do have private rooms that are enclosed. But for the most part it’s a free for all. I’m pretty confident in my abilities to please a man but do I want the world watching? Not so sure.

Then there is the question, ‘what if I want to stop?’ I also know that there are strict rules in these clubs and people do tend to behave. But what will I do if something happens I am not comfortable with? Will my partner be there to get me out of it? Will I be forced to continue? It is for this reason that I have to trust the person I go with 110%. I have to know that they will stop whatever it is they are doing if I feel uncomfortable or am compromised in any way.

Also there is in the unexpected, which really can be a reason to go. The excitement of it all. But not knowing what to expect does freak me out a little. Will there be a lot of people? Do I have to do something? Can I turn people down? What do I do while my partner is busy doing stuff?

More fun than this? How could it be!

Having said all that though, I wouldn’t mind going. If I was not in a relationship with the man I was going with and trusted him, I really wouldn’t mind experiencing it. It would be like watching a real life porn movie - and come on, who doesn’t like a little porn now and then?

The idea of random sex with a stranger in a controlled environment is rather appealing. It removes a lot of the dangers of a one night stand. There is no awkward morning-after scenes. No remembering of names or wondering if you should swap phone numbers. It is just sex. Which you have to admit is very alluring.

Will I end up going? I doubt it. Will I continue to fantasize about what it would be like? Most definitely!